Remembering the Sacrifices 









This association was started by a 17 year old Canadian. Coming to France for year, Colby Farrell had no idea of the opportunities that were ahead of him. After becoming aware of a Candle Vigil that occurs in the Netherlands, he was instantly inspired and motivated to organise an event like this within his French Community. With the help of Michael Lesponol, the founder of Iwuy’Stoire, Colby successfully illuminated 350 graves in Iwuy, France.



remembering the sacrifices

A Candle to Remember is an initiative commemorating and remembering the heroes of Canada who fell while liberating France, missed by their families and friends. Placing a candle beside each and every grave, row upon row symbolically demonstrates the respect and gratitude our generation has for our fallen soldiers from World War One and World War Two. It is a unique opportunity to make a glowing impact on Canadian War cemeteries across France. 



New Traditions 

Last year, 2018, there were a lot of things that took place because it signified 100 years since the signing of the armistice. This year, there is a chance that it will not have the same mentality for November 11th.

This new tradition will create something special that will reassemble more people at a different time than normal.

Holten Canadian War Cemetery 

canada & France

Building a global community

When we have a global community, we are stronger and the impacts are larger. A Candle to Remember will help to create more connections between the people of Canada and of France.

This project allows both countries to work together and contribute to the same goal; remembering and commemorating our fallen soldiers. Collaborating with citizens and associations, like the legions and Rotary Clubs, and governments in Canada as well as in France, we are striving to raise money and motivate others to participate.



The Leaders of tomorrow

This act of remembrance also serves as a chance for our youth today to reflect and ensure that we never repeat history, and furthermore, create a better tomorrow than today.

Our youth have incredible power in today’s society, but it is up to them to make that first step towards their own change. That is why involving youth within this project is of utmost importance.

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CAN: 1 (705) 341 9122 

FRA: + 33 06 12 25 66 59

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